Video Transfer Services

Some transfer services automate the entire process. While this does cost less money, there are some sacrifices you make. At VineLeaf we process all of the media manually to provide a better finished product. The following illustrates our process:

  • After receiving your media, we convert the tapes to a digital format and place the video onto a secure website for your review.
  • Optionally, you review the files and specify where in the video you want chapter points and the chapter names. If you do not want to specify the chapter points, chapters will be placed every 5 minutes.
  • You select your menu style from those displayed on the website. (To see menu options, click here.)
  • Using the chapter and menu information you provide, the DVD is produced and is sent to you.
  • The first copy of each DVD will be delivered in a plastic case. Where appropriate, two disc cases will be used.
  • Additional copies are delivered in paper sleeves unless an optional case is purchased.


Types of Media We Accept









Service Price
Digitizing tape with less than 30 minutes of video $10.00

Digitizing entire tape up to 2 hours
Additional up to 2 hour segments of long tape - per segment
See below


Placing video on website for review Free

DVD with chapters and menu specified by you

Additional copies of DVD (1-5) $ 7.00
Additional copies of DVD (6 or more) $ 6.00
Custom Menu - can be used for any number of DVDs $10.00
Disc case for additional copies (each) $1.00






Quantity discounts may be available on request.


Converting magnetic tapes to digital files is the most time consuming part of the process. For this reason, the cost of conversion is based on the length of the tape in question. Some VHS tapes can be as long as 8 hrs. For this reason, the conversion process is priced as follows:

Tape Length Cost for Tape
0 - 30 min $10.00
31 min - 2 hr $15.00
2 hr 1 min - 4 hr $25.00
4 hr 1 min - 6 hr $35.00
6 hr 1 min - 8 hr $45.00







We also recommend that for long tapes, you break the content into multiple DVDs of less than 1 hr and 45 min in duration. While it is possible to make the longer DVDs, quality is lost because the content is compressed.