Video Preview

One aspect of our service which sets us apart from our competition is your ability to review your video before committing to the final step. In addition, custom chapter points are part of the basic package. You review the content on this page and you specify the chapter names and the time location where you want to have them point.

Once your video is loaded onto this page, you watch the video in the privacy of your home. While watching you decide where you would like to have a chapter point. For example, for a family events tape, you might break at each party or outing. For a sports tape, you might want to break at the beginning of each game or period. After marking down the time you then provide a short title for each chapter.

In addition, only your videos and a few videos from our events will appear when you open this page.

Sample Videos

Baby Bird

Don't worry, mom came along and fed this baby right after we stopped filming.