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Special reduced price for slides

Have you got boxes and boxes of slides? When was the last time you watched them? Let us make move all your film slides and pictures onto a DVD to allow you and your family to relive your memories. During April and May, digitizing slides is only $10 for the first 50 slides. Each additional slide is $.22..

About Our Services

HS Community Website
We know that having a family website can allow you to privately share photos, events and other important details of your family life with family and friends. Homeschool Community was designed to make it easy and affordible for families to keep their family website up-to-date. Go to for more information.

- Mike

Our old website always made us think of the story about a shoemaker's children's shoes. If you haven't read the fable, they didn't have any shoes because he was making money by selling shoes to other people. In our case, the design of VineLeaf Enterprises website was certainly not an enticement to potential customers. We hope you find the clean layout of this website more to your liking and will consider us for your future needs.

- Mike

Our Goal

We are excited when we are able to preserve a family's history and put it into a form which allows them to share it with others in their family. Unlike the old video cassettes, slides and photos, DVDs are easily duplicated and shared with all of the family members. Via our website services we are also able to securely publish your memories to allow family members to share them anywhere in the world.


Michael Winblad (Host)In cooperation with CinemaPraise Productions, we have acquired a new high-definition camer which will allow us to take videos of your event from two angles with the same excellent results. Try out our videography services.


    Michael Winblad (Host)We are currently adding the social networking capabilities of Dot Net Nuke 6.2 to our portal based websites. This means the you can have your own "FaceBook lite" website where your clients or family can friend and follow others and journal.